PM & Tech Jobs Newsletter #03

PM & Tech Jobs Newsletter #03

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This issue's PM & Tech Resource:

How to build more influence with your dev team

When was the last time you said these words to an engineer you worked with:

"What can I do to make your job easier?”

Engineers are so accustomed to being told what to do, that being asked how others can help is disarming and one of the best ways for you as a product manager to build a better relationship with your engineering team.

Here are 2 reasons why:

  1. It shows you appreciate how difficult it is to build and maintain software.
  2. It shows you’re willing to be an active part in enabling and supporting your engineering team.

So how can you make your engineer's job easier? Here are a few examples of tasks you can take off your engineer’s plates to enable them to do their best work:

  • Where possible, take over responding to user tickets. I was on a team that received tons of user tickets. Many of them were trivial questions that didn’t require a dev’s expertise to respond to, but still takes up time and effort to answer. These sorts of tasks can be handled by product managers instead to lighten the dev team’s load.
  • Write documentation. Documentation is a necessary step in the software development lifecycle. As the PM, take ownership of documenting the goals, user flows, and business side of the product before and during the build process. If you’re technical enough, also help with documenting APIs and how-to guides for how to use the product. This process will also help you better understand the product from a technical perspective and improve your technical skills!
  • Take over scrum master duty/processes. Processes enable work to be done in an organized manner, and they’re an important part of every team. Wherever you can, offer to come up with and/or clarify team processes, including taking over all or parts of scrum master duties during backlog grooming, sprint planning, and retrospectives.

Get more details on how to build better relationships and influence with your engineers in this blog post.

New Product Roles, hot off the posting press!

Here are this week's new product roles:

Sr Product Manager @ Amazon Music (Culver City, CA)

Sr Product Manager @ Disney (Remote, New York, NY)

Sr Product Manager @ Lumen Technologies (Remote)

Sr Product Manager @ The Walt Disney Company (Santa Monica, CA)

Sr Product Manager @ Activision Blizzard (Irvine, CA)

Sr Product Manager @ Hopper (San Francisco, CA)

Product Manager @ Apple (Cupertino, CA)

Product Manager @ The Home Depot (Atlanta, GA)

Product Manager @ The Job Network (New York, NY)

Product Manager @ LA Times (El Segundo, CA)

Product Manager @ Dropbox (Charlotte, NC)

Product Manager @ Twill (Remote)

Product Manager @ Paylocity (Remote)

Product Manager @ Big Fish Games (Austin, TX)

Product Manager @ Wurl (Palo Alto, CA). Funding status: Series B

Product Manager @ Petco (San Diego, CA)

Product Manager @ TikTok (Los Angeles, CA)

Product Manager @ Elphas (Madison, WI). Funding status: Series B

Product Manager @ Tripadvisor (Needham, MA)

Associate Product Manager @ Morgan Stanley (New York, NY)

Associate Product Manager @ Comcast (New York, NY)

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