PM & Tech Jobs Newsletter #01

PM & Tech Jobs Newsletter #01

Hey y'all, Irene here with a special note πŸ™‡β€β™€οΈ

2022's market condition has been rough.. inflation concerns, rising interest rates and geopolitical issues have all contributed to a tumultuous stock market and that's trickled down to private markets. Companies and startups in particular are feeling the pressure and that's led to layoffs throughout the industry. As I'm reading the countless LinkedIn posts from those who have been laid off or know someone who has, I started thinking about how I can help–even if only in a teeny tiny way.

So my team and I decided to create a shorter newsletter issued twice a month with a list product job listings from senior to entry-level roles along with a selection of PM & tech tips in every issue. You can help out by letting us know if your team is hiring and offering to do 15-20 min info calls with those interested in the role (optional but appreciated!)

If you have other ideas on what more we can do or have suggestions on how we can improve this mid-month newsletter, please let us know in the How can we improve? section towards the bottom of this issue.

.. and of course, forward this newsletter to anyone that might find it useful!

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This issue's PM & Tech Resource:

Tips for Managing Tech Debt with your dev team

1. Work out what debt actually needs to be paid off and when. Whenever tech debt items come up, they should be added to the backlog, groomed during backlog grooming, and picked off during sprint planning.

2. Ask your engineers to frame tech debt in a way that resonates with non-engineering stakeholders (example in the tweet thread below).

3. Work out a pragmatic way to pay off the debt in stages - Don't leave tech debt to the last minute! Q4 is a great time to work with the dev team to prioritize tech debt during sprint planning.

More details about each of the above tech debt tips in this tweet thread:

New Product Roles, hot off the posting press!

Here are this week's new product roles:

Sr Product Manager @ Grubhub (New York, NY)

Sr Product Manager @ Zoom (Remote, San Francisco, CA)

Sr Product Manager @ Visa (Austin, TX)

Sr Product Manager @ Disney (Remote, New York, NY)

Technical Product Manager @ Amazon (Remote)

Product Manager @ TikTok (Mountain View, CA)

Product Manager @ Grammarly (Remote, Portland, IN)

Product Manager @ Apple (Austin, TX)

Product Manager @ The New York Times (New York, NY)

Product Manager @ Google (Atlanta, GA)

Product Manager @ Apple (Cupertino, CA)

Product Manager @ JPMorgan Chase (New York, NY)

Product Manager @ Vice Media (Brooklyn, NY)

Product Manager @ Delta (Atlanta, GA)

Product Manager @ Microsoft (Redmond, WA)

Product Manager @ Herman Miller (Remote)

Associate Product Manager @ Discovery (Charlotte, NC)

Associate Product Manager @ Reebok (Boston, MA)

Product Management Intern @ Porsche (Palo Alto, CA)

Product Management Intern @ Bloom Energy (San Jose, CA)

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